Gem Kling (feat. Rakans) - Small Shadows

Gem Kling (feat. Rakans) - Small Shadows
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Gem Kling: When it's dark, the streets are empty, and there's love and pain in your... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gem Kling (feat. Rakans) - Small Shadows"

Gem Kling:

When it's dark, the streets are empty, and there's love and pain in your heart, that's where Gem Kling comes to hold you closer and tighter to his broken heart.

Born from the aches of the torn cultures and the sorrows of our modern technology, Gem Kling AKA RAKANS  is a dark princess that refuses to give up love.

Melodic melancholic tunes and easy lyrical phrases define Gem's sounds and creations, making it easy to belong, embrace and relate, sending us back to the 80's.

From the lands of the Middle East to the modern scapes of the West, his journey takes a mysterious turn taking you into his enchanting and captivating world.



RAKANS is a Dj, Artist, and a visionary. Orientalist, Experimental and eclectic approaches to Arts and Music make his Live Sets and sound choices unique and wild. 

His music often takes on emotional and dramatic aspects bringing love, sexuality, and tenderness as main topics into the techno sounds which not only make the crowd dance hard, but also go back to their first instincts of sexual desires and pleasures. 


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