Paula & Karol - Safe From Harm

Paula & Karol - Safe From Harm
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PAULA & KAROL - Safe From Harm (Digital) “Safe From Harm” is the first... mehr
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PAULA & KAROL - Safe From Harm (Digital)

“Safe From Harm” is the first single from the Warsaw folk-Pop band Paula & Karol’s upcoming 5th album “Lifestrange”. The track has a laid-back vibe reminiscent of a warm summer car ride and gives listeners a comforting reminder that “Safe, from harm, you’ll always be mine.” Their first single is true to Paula & Karol’s style - mixing various elements from soul, hip hop, and 1970s dad rock. They liken their sound to the bands they surround themselves with, including the Chicago-based folk band Whitney, early Hall & Oats, or Bob Dylan.

The song was recorded in Warsaw, at W Dobrym Tonie Studio by Jacek Trzeszczyski and mixed and mastered by Dutch-based producer Arjen Mensinga.

“I really like the new vibe we created. It's more slick, but it's still heartfelt. I feel there is a bit more coolness, less of a folky and ‘be happy’ vibe than we usually do,” - explains Paula.
Karol adds:
“It sort has a ‘let us smoothly get into your heart’ kind of feeling. This song is about having a heart-to-heart with your partner. I like how the band came together on this one: there seems to be a little room for everybody to shine on this track. We got very good at making space for certain things to happen. Great melodies attack you from all angles in this track.”

Their 5th studio album, Lifestrange, is being released in June of 2021.

VÖ: 12.02.2021
Kat.-Nr.: DYN-PLA-011-S ISRC: PL-F57-21-00001

Interpret: Paula & Karol

Titel: Safe From Harm
Stil: Indie Pop, Folk Pop
Label: Dynamite Platten
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